Friday, 01 July 2022

Senior Lecturer Saman Rajapaksha Assumed Duties as the Director of Communication and Media Unit

Senior Lecturer Saman Rajapaksha assumed duties as the Director of Communication and Media Unit on 16th of August 2021.

Senior Lecturer Saman Rajapaksha has completed Bachelor of Arts (Special) Degree in Mass Communication. Further, he was awarded the Degree of Master of Philosophy from University of Kelaniya. His research interests include Buddhist Communication and Asian Religions Study, Cultural and Language Communication Study, Media Research, and Print and Broadcasting Media.

He actively participates in many radio and television programmes as a resource person. He is an eminent figure in “Samwarshana” by SLBC Sinhala National Service - Swadeshiya Sevaya. His continuous contribution to newspapers in article writing related to Mass Communication is highly appreciated by readers.


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