Thursday, 06 October 2022

A battle for the future; food plantation program within university premises

In a cruel twist of fate, Sri Lanka, with its long-standing history of self-sustainability and agricultural wealth, is currently facing its greatest economic crisis.

With the foreign reserves running dry, we no longer can rely on imports of staple foods, threatening the food security and the livelihood of many Sri Lankans. Not only the unavailability, but the rising cost of essentials would place close to 6 million Sri Lankans at great risk of starvation.

As a response to the current crisis, and to ensure the food security of university families, including the students and staff, the University of Kelaniya has taken steps to produce home-grown crops. The Center for Sustainability Solution (CSS) in collaboration with the Landscape unit, has implemented a vegetable planting program within the university premises. The preparation of land and the plantation has already been initiated with the guidance of Mr. N.M.Aruna Shantha (Curator, Landscape division of the University) and  M.K.P.N. Mirihagalla, Landscape supervisor, Landscape Division with the utilization of limited available space.

The CSS also plans on educating the public on plantation tips to fit the busy urban lifestyle. A daughter faculty of the university, the Faculty of Medicine, situated in Ragama, has also taken steps to cultivate more than three acres of land in preparation for the upcoming battle with the food shortage.


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