Monday, 23 May 2022

Presenting the Volume 01 of the Journal of Gender & Sustainable Development published annually by the Centre for Gender Studies, University of Kelaniya to the Vice- Chancellor was held on the 27th of December 2018 at the office of the Vice- Chancellor.

The Co- Editors- in- Chief of the journal which was published under the theme: Gender & Sustainable Development, were Senior Lecturer Dr. Anusha Edirisinghe, Director- Centre for Gender Studies and Senior Lecturer Dr. Damayanthi Edirisinghe, Department of Commerce and Financial Management.

“I Go Green” organized by the Centre for Sustainability Solutions of the University of Kelaniya was held on the 19th of December 2018 at the premises of the Faculty of Science. During the event, the discussions were made on waste management, utilizing sunlight to generate electricity, producing organic fertilizer and producing useful items using solid waste material.

A lecture on preventing the spreading of Dengue, art and general knowledge competitions were held in relation to this event and around 225 children of the staff members of the University participated in the event.

A lecture and practical session on Chinese Traditional Acupuncture Medicine jointly organized by the Confucius Institute, University of Kelaniya and Chinese Cultural Centre, Colombo was held on the 16th of December 2018 at the Board Room of the Faculty of Humanities. The prime objective of this lecture was to introduce traditional Acupuncture Medicine.

The lecture was conducted by Prof. Ron Peijing, Deputy Director- Traditional Acupuncture Medicine Research Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine University and this was novel experience for the academic staff members and the undergraduates since the lecture was conducted along with the practical sessions.

Annual Board Meeting of the Confucius institute, University of Kelaniya was held on the 11th of December 2018 at the Board Room of the Faculty of Humanities. The objective of this meeting was to summarize the annual progress of the Confucius Institute of the University.

Prof. Zhou Zenyang, President- Chogquing Normal University, Mr. Lei Yong, Director of Confucius Institute Management Office, Prof. Guan Pin, Director of Office for International Exchanges graced the occasion representing Chogquing Normal University- China, which is a partner university of the Confucius Institute of the University of Kelaniya.


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