Thursday, 21 January 2021

A Bodhi Pooja Ceremony with the prime motive of praying good health for the people around the world affected by Coronavirus was held on 13th of February, 2020 at the University Premises. It was held near the Bodhiya close to the Science Faculty of the University of Kelaniya. The event was organized by the collaboration of the Confucius Institute along with the Department of Sinhala.


This meritorious deed was conducted with the initiative of Ven. Dr. Malwane Chandarathana Thero, Head- Department of Sinhala along with several other venerable theros. Moreover, Senior Lecturer Dr. Kumari Jayasooriya, Director- Confucius Institute, Prof. Wang Jung, Co-Director- Confucius Institute, Senior Lecturer, academic staff members, non-academic staff members and undergraduates were present at the event. 


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