Thursday, 23 March 2023

Prof. Nilmini Gunawardena as the Head of the Molecular Medicine Unit

Prof. Nilmini Gunawardena was appointed as the new Head of the Molecular Medicine Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya. The appointment letter was handed over to the Head by the Vice- Chancellor, Prof. D.M. Semasinghe on the 22nd of August 2019 at the Vice- Chancellor’s Office.

Present at the occasion were Senior Prof. Lakshman Senevirathne, Deputy Vice- Chancellor, Mr. W.M. Karunaratne, Registrar and Ms. Dhammika Ambegoda, Deputy Registrar- Academic Establishment Division.

Prof. Nilmini Gunawardena obtained her bachelor’s degree (BSc), MSc (Biochemistry) and Ph.D. (Molecular Endocrinology) from the University of Hong Kong. She specialized in Molecular Biology, Recombinant Gene Technology, Medical Entomology and Molecular Medicine.

Setaria Digitata in Advancing Our Knowledge of Human Lymphatic Filariasis, Absence of Wolbacai Endobacteria in Sri Lankan Isolates of the Nematode Parasite of Animals Setaria Digitata, Novel Parasitic Nematode- Specific Protein of Bovine Filarial Parasite Setaria Digitata Displays Conserved Gene Structure and Ubiquitous Expression, Heterologous Expression, Chaperon Mediated Solubilization and Purification of Parasitic Nematode- Specific Growth Factor- Like Protein of  Setaria Digitata are some of her publications while she has conducted research on Dengue Virus Serotypes and Genetic Variability Effect of Silent Transmission and Clustering of Casses on Transmission of Dengue Transmission of Filariasis.


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