Tuesday, 23 April 2024

AFIEROSI 23: A Celebration of Excellence and Dedication

The Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Kelaniya hosted its annual AFIEROSI event on the 4th of March 2024, at Mee Amba Sewana, to recognize and appreciate the contributions of individuals and organizations to the center’s mission.

The chief guest of the evening was Mr. K. K. K. Dharmathilaka, Registrar of the University of Kelaniya. Other distinguished guests included Senior Professor S. R. D. Kalingamudali, Dean of the Faculty of Science; Dr. Chamli Pushpakumara, Dean of the Faculty of Computing & Technology; and Professor Ravi Dissanayake, Director of the Staff Development Center, University of Kelaniya.

The event was divided into five phases. The first phase was the Appreciation of Undergraduate and Non-Academic Staff. Undergraduate students Chamodh Fernando, Shalika Fernando, and Malithi Malsha were recognized for their contributions to special events organized by the Centre for Gender Studies. Among the non-academic staff, the Transport Division and Security Division were honored for their exceptional service.

The second phase was the Appreciation of Social Activists and Representatives of NGOs and Other Institutions. Professor P. M. K. Bandara of the Police Cultural Division, Samitha Sugathimala of the Foundation of Innovative and Social Development, Dr. Kamal Jayasekara, and Dr. Janaka Weregoda of the Ministry of Health were among those recognized for their dedication to social activism. Sanka Ranaweera and Harshana Gunasekara of Linser Media were also recognized for their contributions.

The third phase was the Appreciation of the Centres and Units. The Communication and Media Unit, Thiwanka Umagaliyage of the ICTC Centre, and Dinuka Kannangara of the ICTC Centre were recognized for their contributions to the center’s operations.

The fourth phase was the Appreciation of the Conference Committee. Dr. Damayanthi Edirisinghe, Dr. K. R. N. Harshani, Dr. Amila Jeewandara, Senior Lecturer Dilakshi R. De Silva, Lecturer Shanaka Wanniarachchi, Waruni Kumarasinghe, Harshani Karunanayake, Umesha Chavindi, I. S. A. S. Pothuhara, Harshana Gunasekara, I. M. Liyanage, and Dr. Prasanna Dharmapriya were recognized for their tireless efforts in organizing the center’s conferences.

The fifth and final phase was AFIEROSI Special Appreciation. Professor Kamani Jayasekara was recognized for her exceptional dedication to the Centre for Gender Studies since 2011, serving as a member of the steering committee and advisory committee.

The AFIEROSI event was a resounding success, bringing together individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to the Centre for Gender Studies. The center expressed its gratitude to all those who have supported its mission of promoting gender equality and social justice.



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