Monday, 04 July 2022

Project H2O was Organized by the Religion and Culture Avenue of the Leo Club of the University of Kelaniya

The main foundation for the H2O project organized by the students of the Leo Club of the University of Kelaniya was the sub-targets 6.1 and 6.3 under the Sustainable Development Goal No.6 which belongs to the ocean water and energy conservation category.

The objectives of the project are ensuring clean and safe water consumption for humans, contributing to reducing the kidney failure rate caused by consuming chemical mixed water, raising public awareness on the importance of consuming clean water, making aware of the causes of severe kidney failure and ways to identify them on early stages, and finally to promote the measures of preventing water pollution and mitigating chemical usage in agriculture.

Mineral water filters were distributed among 9 underprivileged families in Medawachchiya and for a temple in that area. In addition to that, we made awareness about that disease by giving leaflets about kidney disease which many people are suffering from.


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