Thursday, 23 March 2023

The University of Kelaniya files three International Patent Applications for the first time in its history!

Inventions & innovations are among the key drivers of the economies of developing nations like Sri Lanka, where new products and services are essential to be introduced to the marketplace.

The researchers of the University of Kelaniya are strived to enhance the innovation & invention portfolio of the country with the facilitation of Research & Development and the local and international Intellectual Property (IP) protection of university-born technologies.

In 2022, for the first time in its history, the University of Kelaniya filed three international patent applications for three university-born technologies. The research and the patent filings were supported by AHEAD Operations. The three patents were filed as Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications. PCT is the international patent system in World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). According to the International Search Report (ISR) generated by the searching authority of WIPO, all the technologies received good ISR, with the confirmations of the inventiveness in the patent claims. All the patents are currently in the state of published patent applications and can now be accessed through the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) patent database.

The published international patent application on the technology “Cinnamon-based dietary supplements, and process of preparation thereof,” application number; WO 2022/079539, is developed by a research team led by Senior Professor Bimali Jayawardena of the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science. The technology was co-invented by Ms. H. G. Nadini Dewangani and Mrs. W. A. N. M. Wariyapperuma. The developed cinnamon nutraceutical is experimentally proven for the management of diabetes and increment of the lipid profile. This product is coumarin free (non-toxic) and contains 100% natural ingredients. (

The published international patent application on the technology “A Method for Improving the shelf life of food products using coconut paring residue extract,” application number; WO 2022/18044, is developed by Senior Professor Kapila Seneviratne and Professor Nimanthi Jayathilaka of the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science. The developed thermally stable coconut-based food preservative from the byproducts of the coconut industry is experimentally proven as an ideal alternative to synthetic food preservatives available in the market. The studies conducted at the University of Kelaniya have shown that coconut-based food preservatives are safe for human consumption. They can withstand high temperatures and improve the shelf life of food products without compromising on the sensory quality of the food. This technology has already been licensed to NuEarth Foods (Pvt.) Ltd. (

The published international patent application on the technology “System and method for addressable data communication using radio frequency communication,” application number; WO 2022/189847, is developed by a research team led by Senior Professor S. R. D. Kalingamudali of the Department of Physics & Electronics, Faculty of Science. The technology was co-invented by Mr. Tharindu Niroshan Gurusinghe, Mr. L. D. Pubudu Sanjuka Jayasekara, Ms. Hiruni Eranga Wijesooriya, Mr. R. M. Ishara Udayantha Rajapaksha, Mr. P. L. A. K. Piyumal, Dr. Jehan Seneviratne, Dr. A. L. A. K. Ranaweera, Dr. K. M. D. C. Jayathilaka, Professor. L. B. D. R. P. Wijesundara. The end devices of this invented communication system do not require an Internet connection or a SIM card to perform their operation. This unique feature of the created innovative system enables it to monitor and control the connected devices (sensor devices and controller devices) without using the Internet, even though the communication distance is up to several kilometers. This system can be expanded to an IoT system, facilitating remote access through the Internet. It eliminates the main issues in typical IoT systems, such as high dependency on the Internet connection and power concerns. Due to its unique design, the invented system has continuous communication even during an Internet failure. This communication method can implement addressable fire alarm systems, livestock management systems, real-time water quality monitoring systems, rainwater harvesting systems, and many more. (

As one of the leading Universities in Sri Lanka which conducts cutting-edge research, the University of Kelaniya support the nation’s economic growth by creating new inventions and IP. The University Business Linkage Cell (UBL Cell) plays a major role in managing the university's intellectual property and technology transfers by taking necessary steps for securing the IP and collaborating with local and global industry partners to commercialize the university-born technologies. The relevant research teams and the UBL Cell are seeking potential partners to license these technologies, thereby productively contributing to the nation's economic growth.

For more information of the technologies and the commercialization opportunities please contact UBL Cell of the University of Kelaniya via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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