Thursday, 23 March 2023

Another Session of Senate Awards and Cash Prizes held on the 27th of October

Another Session of presenting Senate Awards and Cash Prizes to appreciate the researchers at the University of Kelaniya was held on the 27th of October 2022 at the Senate Room of the university.

Researchers whose papers were published in internationally recognized journals were appreciated and the Senate Awards and Cash Prizes were awarded to the researchers by Cadre Chair & Senior Prof. Nilanthi de Silva, Vice-Chancellor of the university. Moreover, Deans of Faculties, Heads of Departments, and members of the Senate graced the event.

Dr. K. G. M. Nanayakkara of the Department of Commerce and Financial Management, Prof. A. Chamaru De Alwis, and Dr. Indumathi Welmilla of the Department of Human Resources Management were the awardees from the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies.

Snr. Prof. S. R. D. Kalingamudali, Dr. A. L. A. K. Ranaweera, and Mr. R. M. I. U. Rajapaksha of the Department of Physics and Electronics, Prof. G. A. S. M. Ganehiarachchi and Prof. V. P. A. Weerasinghe of the Department of Zoology and Environmental Management, Senior Prof. B. M. Jayawardena, Snr. Prof. N. A. K. P. J. Seneviratne and Prof. N. Jayathilaka of the Department of Chemistry, Dr. W. M. A. P. Halmillawewa of the Department of Microbiology, and Dr. Dinushani Anupama Daranagama of the Department of Plant and Molecular Biology were the awardees from the Faculty of Science.

Further, Dr. H. R. S. Sulochani of the Department of Social Statistics from the Faculty of Social Sciences was also awarded at the Senate Awards.


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